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    OPJ (04)  provide with 4 fiber cable in out round port and the cable diameter from 10 – 22. It can be used in aerial. Duct and direct burial application. This product is from high-quality and the mechanical sealing structure filled the sealing structure filled with the sealing material. The external component and fastening piece are all made from the high quality stainless less steel.  It can be open after sealing



    MAX Capacity  of the fiber  

    24  (single)

    MAX  Capacity of the  splice tray 


    MAX Capacity

    192 single








    Kit  Content

    •        Splicing Protector tube

    •          Sticky Cincture

    •          Sticky  Cincture

    •          Insulated rubber belt

    •          Cables ties

    •          Sealing washer

    •          Block


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